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Soft Smokey Eye

1.  Take a light brown or gold color eyeshadow and apply all over lid.
2.  Apply a slightly darker brown shadow and starting from the back, apply on your crease and go to your brow bone.
3.  Keep the darker brown towards the back of the eye, giving it the "smokey" look.
4.  Using a matte light color, apply under the eyebrow, highlighting the color, then blend the two colors!
5.  Use the same light color in the inner corner of your eyes.
6.  Use a brown eyeliner on your tear line and upper eyelid, smudge and blend.
7.  Apply 1-2 coats of mascara.

Classic Red Lip

1. First step is to prep and prime your lips. Moisturize your lips then apply  a lip primer, extend the primer beyond the borders of your lips so that the lipstick will not travel. 

2. Second line your lips with a red pencil liner. Apply your liner using light feathery strokes. Think less scribble, more sketch.

3. Fill with your favorite shade of red.  It’s important to use a lip brush when applying a strong color like red. You will have more control this way.

4. Blot and Powder your lips. The point is to set your lipstick, not cover it. Take care not to smudge or smear. I like to use a makeup sponge for this task.

5. Fill again if you desire. At this point you can add another shade of red for a desired look. 

6. To Gloss or not to gloss?  If you are seeking a sleek and luscious shine, apply  a clear gloss or a gloss with a shimmer. Then you are done!


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